Winning isn't Everything

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A tall and grey cat with a vicious temper named Toby, rested in the corner. A small, sneaky and smart mouse named Jerome, played soccer with his friends. They were both feuding friends. Both of them always tried to play tricks on each other. Jerome was playing soccer with his friends and Toby was just resting in the corner. As Jerome scored a goal, Toby sneered, “Lucky shot, loser!” Jerome was used to Toby’s hatred and he wasn’t going to let it get to him. Jerome wanted to make amends with Toby, but Toby was making it difficult. Toby walked back to his other cat friend. His friend Dewy was bullying a small mouse. Jerome stormed over there and told the cat to back off. Toby standing the corner thought this was hilarious. He saw the itty-bity Jerome thinking that he was so strong. He walked over to Jerome and said, “Stop trying to stick up for your little buddy. You’re just a wimp.” Jerome got closer to Toby and said, “If I was a wimp, I wouldn’t be near fleshing eating cats. I’m not going to fight with you.” I’ll make a deal with you. If you a beat me at a soccer tournament, my friends and I will leave your mice squad alone. If you lose, you will never play soccer in the animal league again.” Jerome wasn’t going to make petty bets with bullies. But he wanted to prove Toby wrong. He shook Toby’s hand and said, “Bring it on.”
It was the morning of the soccer game. Jerome and his team came to the field…
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