Winston Churchill And Adolph Hitler And Hitler Analysis

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When the human mind sees the world falling apart and the greatest of threats looming on the horizon, they begin searching for someone to place their trust in. They want someone who can give them answers, someone who can direct their fear and anger in to. One of histories greatest hardships is the chaos of war. World War II is well known as one of the greatest wars in human history. Many believe the two greatest demonstrations of leadership during World War II were Winston Churchill and Adolph Hitler, both great men in their own right, rising from the ashes of broken peoples to gain influence and control in an otherwise chaotic and turbulent time. Winston Churchill, a politician in the English parliament, soon found himself rising in power during the turbulent years. As World War II began, Churchill gave powerful speech's, filled with nationalistic pride and the defense of freedom. Churchill was a strong advocate of going to war with the Germans. Once war broke out, the people of Britain harbored sometimes irrational but well placed hate towards the Germans. The people of Britain saw amongst chaos death and constant rocket and bomb attacks, which devastated their lives and homes, a man who shared their hate towards the Germans and who had warned them before hand. The hardships each of them faced left them more susceptible, searching for reasons and answer's and what they found was a man who had both. Churchill gave them answers and solutions. “I have, myself,
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