Wireless Security And Vulnerability In The Wireless Network

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Vulnerability in the Wireless Network
Rafael Reccy
Seminole State College
Wi-Fi can be found anywhere in this day in age, you can walk into almost any establishment and you’ll be sure to find their Wi-Fi, accessible from anywhere within their spaces. Each data packet being transmitted through the air, whether containing private, sensitive or insensitive information, is available for an attacker to capture. To fight against this, there have been some standards that have come out through the years to guard and protect data, such as WPA. All standards have been created to replace the preceding one due to vulnerabilities found in the engineering of them. Still to this day, not every standard is fully secure, attackers still find …show more content…

Although, there is one of the vulnerabilities that is pretty much impossible to guard against, DoS like Molta points out, “Other problems are looming, the most pernicious of which are DoS (denial of service) attacks. While DoS is a fact of life on all networks, it's worse on wireless networks because not only do you need to guard against attacks at Layer 2 and above, you're also extremely vulnerable to physical-layer attacks to the medium” (Molta, 2002, p. 18). In this essay, some vulnerabilities will be looked at that can affect Wi-Fi home users as well as businesses that implement wireless networks because both types of networks can be affected by the same types of intrusion or disruption attacks. Even though this paper is about vulnerabilities, it is important to point out that wi-fi networks can still be operated safely with a high level of security in place.
Wireless networks are considered vulnerable when an incident occurs that exploits the capability to perform the desired requirement of maintaining performance and concealment of data. Most vulnerabilities happen because of the science behind a wireless network, the fact that it uses air as a medium makes it harder to protects because the environment of air is not stable and when it comes to delivering sacred information you must be on

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