Wireless Security Is Necessary For All Sorts Of Attacks

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Today every wireless device uses frequency based transmissions without using any physical or wired connections. Wireless system consist of LAN(Local Area network), WAN(Wide Area Network), Personal networks, Wireless computers, smart phones, Tablets. It also consists of devices which have infrared and Bluetooth integrated in them such as wireless mouse and wireless keyboards. With the introduction of these technologies that are operated wirelessly requires a certain level of security as well. Thus these devices are to a level bit vulnerable to many conventional as well as other severe attacks. So wireless security is necessary to prevent all sorts of attacks. Basically Wireless Security is the prevention or restriction of unsanctioned or …show more content…

But still there were many flaws that intruders used to take advantage and used the flaws for their own advantage thus making WPA also vulnerable. WPA2 was introduced to overcome the flaws that WPA had in it. WPA2 uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm to provide security thus making it very difficult for intruders to break the security of this layer. As the algorithm encrypts secret and confidential data and it’s very difficult for the intruders to decrypt it. The issue with WPA2 security is that as it has complex encryption thus it requires a lot of processing power so the old systems which do not have the capability to process a lot of computation thus WPA2 is not suitable for the old deployed systems.

• Wired Equivalent Privacy: This is an older security method supported by older devices but it’s no longer used as in it encrypted security key is sent from one computer to another via the network thus making it very easy for the attackers/intruders to attack and hack the key thus very obsolete network security methodology.

Mac and mac spoofing: MAC(Media Access Control) is a terminology normally associated with Wi-Fi based technologies. Basically it is a unique

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