Wisconsin's Collective Bargaining Needs to End Essay

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Lately in the news, there has been talk about budget and money crises; these problems have been in many states and most recently in Washington D.C and Wisconsin. Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker has decided to address these budget predicaments by sharply curtailing the Wisconsin public sector workers collective bargaining rights. The reaction from people in Wisconsin has been mostly negative. However, Governor Walker was right in making cuts in the pay of public sector workers and taking away their right to collective bargaining to help pay off the budget. The state has a $137 million deficit, so curtailing collective bargaining rights will save the state $30 million in the current budget, which ends June first. Collective bargaining…show more content…
There were state wide school cancellations; teachers would call in sick to take part in the protests. Everyone involved in these demonstrations were all protesting the same issue: the fact that the Governor of Wisconsin was going to take away their rights to collective bargaining; the irony of this is that these protesters weren’t also just from Wisconson, they were being sent in droves from different states to support the union. The fear was that this could happen in their respective states. He says that he needs to take this right away because in the upcoming biannual budget he would be introducing there will be a $3.6 million deficit that will need to be bridged. He believes that it will be essential in order to allow the state to actually balance its budget without laying any workers off (video citation) The controversy behind this is that the people of Wisconsin believe that if the Governor takes away collective bargaining, he will take away the rights of the people, especially public sector workers, such as teachers and nurses. Governor Walker though is correct in taking this drastic measure because the state currently has a $137 million deficit. They need some way to bridge this deficit, so why not take out collective bargaining? Not all people agree with this way of thinking. Representative Jan Schakowsky from Illinois wrote a statement on February 17, saying that “under the guise of addressing state

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