Essay on Collective Bargaining in the Workplace

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David Brody argues that the rise of contractual or collective bargaining relationships during the post WWII era formalized the relationship between employers and unions. The use of collective bargaining agreements to resolve workplace disputes weakened unions and the power of workers. Other actions, such as using collection bargaining as a form of substitution for direct action and using it instead of the strike for grievance and arbitration procedure served , also has weakened the unions and the power of workers. The rise of contractual or collective bargaining relationships changed the dynamic of the workplace, shifting the power from the union side to towards the employers. The perspective could best be argued suing Weber’s theory and…show more content…
C. Wright Mills defines the meaning of work for white-collar workers. A white-collar worker is an educated person who performs non-manual, professional, managerial, or administrative work. He states “ White Collar stands, after sixty years, as the most comprehensive work that American social science has produced in the study of the new middle class. “ classifying white collar workers as the new middle class full of intellectuals in intermediate positions, to what he describes as the “enormous file” of clerical labor. C. Wright Mills connects the meaning of work for white-collar workers to the types of leisure activity they pursue. Modern white-collar workers attach an extrinsic value to their wage work because they work to live. Jobs have lost their intrinsic value due to the emptiness that comes with the job. For example, white collar workers are subjected to manipulations and control of their superiors thus in return; they lose their creativity and freedom of action.
White-collar workers are a different breed of workers. The results derived from work that modern white collar workers value includes status, power and wages. At times, these white collar jobs hold no true meaning to white collar workers rather it the monetary value that drives productivity. This money is means to a different life outside of work.
Due to their
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