With Her Oil Lamp on, That Night Review

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With Her Oil Lamp On, That Night Review With Her Oil Lamp On, That Night is a Korean novel written by Lim Chul-Woo during the times of War in Korea. This short story is written in such a way that readers can relate to the pain that the victims of the Korean War felt. Lim tells the story with such detail so that the readers feel like they are actually there observing. The story opens with a soldier in the company of rebels in the woods outside the town in which he grew up. The town was evacuated more than two months prior, but that night the soldier and his company saw a light. The soldier thought that it could be from his own house due to the fact that it was in the same area and it was the
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His last words to her were that he was going to return after six months and with that, “he walked over the brow of the hill”(24). When Lim uses events such as these in the story, it is easy for the readers to relate to what is happening. The readers subconsciously told to imagine themselves in the shoes of the mother. What if the reader had to let their loved one leave and was only told about their death with one single sheet of paper in the mail. Lim’s choice of including such events in the story allows her to connect with her readers on a deeper level. Lim is trying to get the readers to understand the effects of the war. She does this because the impacts of the war were so great on Korean society. This story is very effective in showing the readers how the war shaped the people and their way of life. In the story, it is also very clear that she wants the readers to understand that war is inherently a negative event. The four main characters of this story all have different backgrounds, but they all share the same issue of death and loss. The mother had lost her husband and her child, the “crazy-woman” had lost her life and sanity before arriving at the town, Lieutenant Gang had lost his wife and unborn first child, and finally the soldier in the woods had lost his father and life and even at the last chance to be reunited with his mother, he lost his own life. The fact that Lim has these characters from such

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