With Over 30 Students, Coming From At Least 2 Schools In

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With over 30 students, coming from at least 2 schools in Boulder County, 4 teachers, 3 professional engineer mentors, several parents, and a decade of experience; FIRST Robotics Team 1157 is the embodiment of excellence in sportsmanship, innovation, creativity, fraternity, and passion. In team 1157 we understand that our strength is in our numbers and the diversity of our backgrounds. While our official team name is the Land sharks, we have also become known in the community as the Boulder Robotics Alliance as our members come from multiple high schools in the Boulder Valley School District including Boulder High school and New Vista High school. The word ‘alliance’ in our name captures the essence of our team. Hailing from many schools, …show more content…

In team 1157 we value the impact that teaching young children about robotics can have. Because of this we participate in many outreach activities to introduce children from toddlers to high school freshmen to the wonders of robotics and the fun of FIRST competitions. Some of the biggest outreach programs we do are aimed specifically at introducing the youngest of engineers to robotics. For the last several years we have participated in Boulder’s Munchkin Masquerade, a parade and daytime trick-or-treating event for children aged zero to nine. At this event, we help hand out candy, display and demo our robots, and answer children’s questions about robotics and what we do. This is a great opportunity for our team to connect with the community and for future team members to get their first introduction into the world of robotics. We also participate in similar events such as showcases and “engineering activity days” at the Boulder Public Library, and even Boulder’s Parade of Lights, which cater to a much larger age range, ensuring that children –and adults- of any age have the opportunity to see the power of robotics in actions, and to become inspired to pursue robotics in the future.
These outreach events are incredibly rewarding and we hope that through them we can encourage the next generation of FIRST engineers to pursue their passions. We also help to foster a love of robotics in middle

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