Reflection Paper On Robotics Team

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Many students while they are in high school will participate in clubs and sports of all likes. I did something a little different than track or chess club. I helped design, build, and showcase robots. We aren't talking about a some desktop toy or tiny remote control car, what I helped create was an over one hundred pounds of beastly machinery. There is one very important fact that makes this a lot more difficult than it already sounds, we only had 6 weeks to build it. All of this during after school hours and on weekends. Now balancing all of stress of robotics, school, and life is not the easiest task. The events of my senior year robotics season may have been the most stressful few months of my life, but the day that set off the season would become the day I will remember most of all. Our robotics team was called Team SCREAM, our designation number was 4522. My senior year and last year on the team was one of the roughest for all involved. The leaders of our team were a little worried about this year since we were now leading the team, it would fall on us whether or not we succeeded or failed. Our leadership personal was very few in members to lead the sub-teams. We had two experienced programmers, three extremely competent mechanical team members, a great strategy team lead by one very determined person, and then our public relations team, of which I can say did their job admirably. We had many mentors to assist us from the community that had our backs every step of

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