Within The Past Few Years, Incidents Involving Many Deaths

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Within the past few years, incidents involving many deaths of unarmed African Americans and police officers have been broadcasted across the media. A large portion of these incidents result in protest and advocation against police brutality. There are a wide range of feelings and viewpoints people care to discuss concerning the topic of police brutality. Usually, when an African American person is killed by the hands of a police officer, people tend to explain how police brutality is the cause and culprit. Some people voice how police brutality is a matter that needs to quickly addressed while others believe it doesn 't even exist and therefore is not a cause for concern. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, police brutality is a …show more content…

Adams mentions several ideas and detailed suggestions of what he thinks needs to take place to end police brutality. Both articles create arguments that advocate for the end of police brutality and why it is an issue, but the structure and effectiveness of Eric Adams ' article overpowers Charles Blow 's. Charles Blow initiates his article with the use of some statistics. He grabs the readers attention with quotes of common reactions towards deaths resulting from incidents involving police officers and African Americans. By doing so, he explains that many people try to disregard the problem of police brutality by simply changing the subject. Charles states, "this to me has always felt like a deflection, a juxtaposition meant to use one problem to drown out another". By addressing the most common reaction to police brutality, Charles sets up a great way to begin explaining why his perspective is the more logical one. On the other hand, Eric Adams uses a completely different approach that is much more effective in reaching his audience. Adams starts with a personal story of how he once experienced police brutality himself. The detail he uses instantly captures the readers attention and inflicts feelings of sympathy for what the author went through. Eric describes "they kicked me in the groin repeatedly...I stared into the toilet bowl in my house at the blood I was urinating". Sharing a personal encounter like such is

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