Without A Doubt, Gender Is One Of The Most Important Factors

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Without a doubt, gender is one of the most important factors shaping people’s everyday experiences. It is fundamentally defined as the social attributes and opportunities associated with being either male or female. Too often, gender determines what is expected, allowed, and valued in a woman or a man in a given context. In many societies across the world, differences and inequalities exist between men and women in the responsibilities assigned, activities undertaken, decision-making, and access to and control over resources (Lindsey, 2015). Similarly, gender influences differences between men and women with regard to good health, adequate housing, and economic security, all which are fundamentals of living with dignity. Compared with men,…show more content…
Allan reveals that he grew up in a close-knit family amongst his siblings and loving parents around Farmersville and Celeste where he also attended elementary school. His mother took up the roles of taking care of the family as his father was constantly away on military assignments. He discloses that his father later changed and drifted in and out of family life ultimately deserting them. Unfortunately, his mother was a victim of government retrenchment, which made her lose her nursing and social worker job. As a result, his family ran into difficulties and he dropped out of school in seventh grade. He started working as cotton picker for a dollar a day to support himself and his siblings and ailing mother. Unfortunately, his mother died of endocarditis leaving him and older sister to take care of the younger siblings. Allan was endorsed for a job at a general store in Greenville. Here, he worked to sustain his family that was sinking in abject poverty. Later on, three of his young siblings were taken up by a children’s home in Austin, Texas. Allan always desired to serve in the military like his father. He tried to enlist and fortunately, he was accepted in the 1940 to serve during the World War II at the age of 20. He was dedicated to service, and as a result, he was greatly honored for his war contributions. He married his long-term sweetheart named Eleanor Lizbeth in
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