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Latin American Subtraction Algorithm
Lisa Nix
Walden University

Dr. Mary Robinson, Instructor
MATH-6562G-1, Base Ten Number System & Operation: Addition/Subtraction
October 21, 2013
Latin American Subtraction Algorithm The Latin American subtraction algorithm is based on the fact that the difference between the two numbers does not change while adding the same amount to the minuend and subtrahend (Indiana University Southeast, n.d.). This algorithm appears to be one that requires precision to detail as it is different from the traditional subtraction algorithm the majority of students have been taught. Regardless of teacher preference, providing students with various strategies allows them to experience the diversity in problem …show more content…

A: Exemplary Work
A = 4.00; A- = 3.75

All of the previous, in addition to the following:
B: Graduate Level Work
B+ = 3.50; B = 3.00;
B- = 2.75
All of the previous, in addition to the following:
C: Minimal Work

C+ = 2.50; C = 2.00;
C- = 1.75
F: Work Submitted but Unacceptable
F = 1.00
Adherence to Assignment Expectations

The extent to which work meets the assigned criteria.

Assignment exceeds expectations, integrating additional material and/or information.


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