Wolfheart Character Analysis

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The first and most interesting hero of Elsa’s in this novel would have to be Wolfheart, otherwise known as the Monster. Wolfheart is such a kind soul who wants only the best for Elsa. He knew Elsa’s grandmother quite well. He is also a war veteran with slight post traumatic stress disorder. Wolfheart feels the unquenchable urge to be sterile and disinfected at almost every second of the day. This quality that he possesses is vital because as the story progresses, the reader sees that Wolfheart steps out of his comfort zone fro Elsa. He is such a wonderful and loving character that Elsa accepts almost immediately and they begin to form a bond. The reader can infer that Wolfheart wants to protect Elsa by the way he stopped some children from chasing her. “She opens her eyes and there’s a deafening noise all around her. She can hear them yelling. Can hear that they’re running. And then she heard the Monster’s voice. Something is booming out of him, like a primeval power. NEVER TOUCH HER! Everything echos” (Backman 85). This particular passage sends chills down my spine because Wolfheart is using his outward appearance combined with his voice to ward off the pesky children and ultimately save Elsa. The ultimate impact that he leaves on Elsa is evident when many times throughout the book, Elsa finds herself wishing that he was there beside her to comfort her. Besides Grandma, Wolfheart is the only person that Elsa has felt the most comfortable and secure with. The next hero is
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