Women Access Information On Legal Abortions

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Literature review
In an ultra-Catholic country, how do Irish women access information on legal abortions in the wake of the ‘Miss X’ case in 1992?

In this literature review I will aim to provide an insight into how women in 21st century Ireland get access to information on safe, legal abortions in other EU member states. It is a review on previous literature that assesses the situations and circumstances that led to information on travel and abortion services becoming accessible to Irish women from 1995 in an amendment to the eighth amendment section 40.3.3 as a result of X v. Attorney General (1992).
In this paper, I will aim to discuss the history of abortion services, and access to information from the early 1980’s through to the current social movement in Ireland ‘Repeal the 8th’, and how this relates to the overall literature review topic of ‘The Spectatorship of Suffering’. The first section of this review contains of an outline of Ireland 's constitutionally engrained protection of foetal rights and the way in which this was upset with the Supreme Court 's decision in the Miss X case (1992), because the Court adopted the language of 'proper candidates ' for abortions. The second part aims to outline how government efforts to reach a balance between pro-life and pro-choice beliefs and the uncertainty this created in the legal status of abortion in Ireland. I will also hope to show how the judicial analysis of the Miss X case, alongside legislative
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