Women And The Middle East Essay

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Women, or the female human being as defined in the dictionary, have been the discussion for so many ages. They have defended their sexuality, rights and had to fight for their equality with men. In the public view, we see that the image of women in the west differ from the east or that is what have been known for years. The image of women in the west is outgoing, free, and equal to men. While in the east, women as published in media, news, etc is dying of poverty, sexual violence, and being overpowered by men.
In my research paper, I will state the difference between how Islam views women and how men in middle east view women. Also, explain how men in middle east misunderstand the Islamic view on women and fail to interrupt the true messages in Quran. In addition, who should be blamed for the misleading ideas about women in the middle east? In the end, I will conclude my research introducing successful women in the middle east.
Countries in the middle east claim that they are applying the Islamic guidelines as their legislation system. They take the orders from God’s book the (Quran) and what is stated in Islam. As for women, they have been promoted their rights as stated in the Quran referring to some big heads in the Islamic world. Middle eastern women around the world are considered to be pressed, oppressed and persecuted by eastern men and their religion because of how women are being treated due to their sexuality and body image that differ from men. They are

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