Women As Mothers By Shery Sandberg Analysis

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Thesis- By focusing on why women are highlighted as mothers by the media I feel Born's article overlooks the fact that being a mother adds to the woman's achievement, increases the level of interest in her story, and fosters a greater respect for her.
I. Stating the fact a woman is a mother and the number of children she has adds to the story of her accomplishment.
A. The role of a mother is more than a full time job it is constant and relentless. Mother's must make major compromises to have personal success outside of her role as a mother. It is a hard struggle that all mother's face. The author Shery Sandberg relates well to this struggle when she stated "Every woman at the top makes trade offs. Only a wonder woman can do it all, and all …show more content…

Mothers juggle more worries and responsibilities than fathers. They manage more than childless women have to. Pew Research shows that about the same percentage of mothers and fathers felt that juggling work and family life is difficult for them. However, according to the same survey the research shows mothers spend twice the amount of time that fathers do with their children. This resulted in 68% of mothers feeling that they spent enough time with their children while only half of the fathers expressed the same opinion. The results of the Pew Research Center's survey proves that mothers are spending more time than fathers in their role within the family unit. This juggling act is not one that childless women even have to participate in to achieve a successful career or accomplish a personal …show more content…

The media highlights stories in ways that will have them appeal to a board audience and they will create hype and interest in the story. According to Media College a system of five factors is used to determine if and how a story will be covered. They show that a story must have two of these five factors: timing, significance, proximity, prominence, and human interest. When adding a woman is a mother the story goes just one with human interest to including significance as well.
B. Including the fact of a woman being a mother in her story it gives it significance. It tells all the extra effort that she put into her goal and what compromises she had to make at home, with her children, and with her husband without having to state it. It tells a deeper story in an instant and gets the attention of the audience because everyone has a mother and the use of that word will get their attention instantly.
C. The media's practice of stating the number of children a mother has is done for the reason to attract interest in the story. This is considered a bias but a necessary part of journalism. The American Press Institute shows that biases can be a useful tool for the media when used properly. By stating the number of children a woman can be used as a tool that can be especially helpful in making a story extraordinary. The greater the number of children the woman has increases the shock value of her

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