Women Discrimination In Sports

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Discrimination in Women Sports
Women have always been the minority in today’s world whether that’s in the work force or even in sports. Title IX a act that was made by the United States Congress in 1972 that said that no one should be denied to play, receive financial aid, or discrimination to any education program or activity that pertains to only one sex. (Senne 1) This act was a step towards more female participation and less discrimination, but those stereotypes most of society believes in still exist. This is one of the main reasons why women are discriminated when it comes to sports.
Women are discriminated against in sports by the limited pay roll, limited media coverage, and stereotypes.
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Correspondingly women are not getting the attention of the media due to the lack of media coverage. When someone puts on the tv and turn on a sports game its most likely going to be a mens sport. Even when women get their coverage the commentators who are commentating that event they are usually talking about their body rather than their skill. In an article, “Examination of Gender Equality and Female Participation in Sport” by Joshua A. Senne, he talks about how women are referred to their appearance rather than skill. During a study about the media, the commentators mostly talked about the women’s hair, make-up, and body figure rather than their ability. This also occurred after the 1996 summer Olympics where there were a lack of promotion of female athletes and the marketing of women’s sports. Those athletes were still only reconized by their physical appearance than their ability. The tone of these broadcasters was proved in a study that men events were the standard for the society rather than the women’s. They would list the event as other rather than womans then the sport. In the study that was conducted it states that the gender marketing showed that the woman sport was marked as other on an average of 27.5 times but it didn’t happen in mens sporting events. (Senne) There is still coverage of womens sports, but it rarely covered. The title IX project made a pie chart about the

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