Women During The Civil War

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The American Civil War was a time of pronounced racial and gender role changes. Despite political tension and fighting, many women began to hold a variety of jobs in order to make valuable contributions to the war effort. Moreover, a patriarchal government governed the effects of slavery and the economy. Nonetheless, the influence women had during the Civil War tends to be minimized, especially African American women. Despite facing discrimination, black women greatly influenced the war effort. The discrimination they faced is most prominently seen through wage disparities between white and black female workers and the pensions black women were denied when the war came to an end. One such occupation African American women held were as nurses. They were ominously influential and deserve the same prestige and recognition as their white counterparts. They had to overcome many more obstacles such as racial discrimination. During the Civil War, in contrast to white American nurses, African American nurses faced many more hardships. Not only did they face gender discrimination but racial discrimination as well.
The Civil War is what defined the United States; it established whether or not the ideals set forth by the Declaration of Independence would apply to everyone despite race. In other words, would the concepts of liberty and freedom which America was built on apply to everyone or only white Americans? The fate of slavery bore on the outcome of this war. The Civil War was a…

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