'Here's Why Women In Combat Is A Bad Idea'

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Women Fighting in Combat Did you know that women were banned from serving in combat in 1994? It wasn’t until 2013 when the Secretary of Defense removed the military’s ban on women serving in combat. Leon Panetta said “anyone qualified should get a chance to fight on the front lines of war regardless of their sex.” But why were they banned in the first place? Gender should not be an issue in the military. The military should be happy to have the diversity because it gives them options since women do make up 14% of the military.

A big issue with men and women is that women are seen as inferior to men and that when it comes to a hard job, a man should be doing it. But that’s wrong. Most men and women can do the same tasks. So why …show more content…

Anna Simmons, writer of “Here’s Why Women in Combat is a Bad Idea,” seems to think there is a few different problems. One being that when you “mix healthy young men and women together in small groups for extended periods of time, couples form.” If a couple were to be on the battlefield together and one got hurt, it would make the other emotionally unstable and they wouldn’t be able to perform their job. Another problem would be women have a menstrual cycles. Usually when women have women have a menstrual cycle, pain, discomfort, and mood changes come with it. Also, bathrooms are hard to come by in Iraq and other third world countries. So hygiene is hard to maintain. Having privacy while women are having her menstrual cycle isn’t something they come by, so they have to deal with other people seeing them. Most women have to take OCPs (Oral Contraceptive Pills) to suppress their period. But women are strong. Over 200,000 women in the military are dealing with having their menstrual cycle while on the job. Sometimes, the stress that comes with the job makes it to the point to where women’s menstrual cycles stop. Which is convenient because they don’t have to worry about constantly going to the restroom and worry about hygiene.

There are many good things and a few bad things about women being in the military. But just like any other job, there are pros and cons. Women do a lot for the military and

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