Women Issue in Corporate World: Leadership Behaviors, Strategies to the Top, and Challenges

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Women Issue in Corporate World:
Leadership Behaviors, Strategies to The Top, and Challenges

by Hilda Wijaya
August, 20 2010

Chapter 1

The presence of women leaders has proven to be a significant benefit for a corporation competing in the new business era. McKinsey & Company's study on Women Matter shows the companies perform best, on both organizational and financial performances due to gender diversity and have a higher proportion of women on their management level. (Desvaux & Devillard, 2008)

This research paper begins with discussing on some leadership behaviors, which are more often applied by women than by men in the corporate world. I believe female leadership behaviors will be demanded and valued more by
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Women leaders are more persuasive in leadership style
In today's organizations, we often see the team which a combination of baby boomers and Gen-Xers, genders, educations, and cultures. Having a persuasive leadership skill is essential in today's corporate world which as a leader, your success depends upon your ability to persuade and move people toward a position they don't currently hold. You must not only make a rational argument, but also frame your ideas, approaches and solutions in ways that appeal to diverse groups of people with basic human emotions (Krakoff, 2005).
Based on Caliper's study, female leaders scored significantly higher than male leaders in persuasive motivation. Since female leaders have higher people skills, it makes them more willing to understand and care about where others are coming from, enable them to read situations accurately and take in information from all sides. This willingness to see all sides of a situation enhances their persuasive ability. (Caliper, 2005)

c. Women leaders posses stronger interpersonal skills ( empathy, flexibility and sociability) and more assertive than their male counterparts.

According to Caliper study (2005), female leaders were found to be more empathic and flexible, as well as stronger in interpersonal skills than their male counterparts. Assertive behavior gives women the unique
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