The Most Undervalued Leadership Traits of Women, by Glen Llopis

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In a Forbes article written by Glen Llopis, The Most Undervalued Leadership Traits of Women, Llopis, highlights his theories and opinions on each undervalued trait. Llopis provides specific details that make women effective leaders. The author predicates his assessment on women and leadership from his personal and professional experiences. Within the article, Llopis identifies six leadership traits that women naturally possess, which are undervalued:
• Opportunity-driven: they see the glass half-full. They push the boundaries and learn from adverse situations
• Strategic: stretching perspective to broaden their observations
• Passionate: not satisfied with status quo, they will want to make things better
• Entrepreneurial: …show more content…

Although, this article is about women and their undervalued traits and why they are more effective as leaders then compared to men, I think, the article really highlights behaviors that all leaders should exhibit. The traits that the Llopis presents in this article, center-around emotional intelligence, motivation, optimism and team building. All areas are essential for creating growth and sustainability in any organization. For a moment, let us examine the trait: opportunity driven, what kind of leader are you if you do not push the boundaries, are optimistic and learn from adverse circumstances. In my opinion, the summary of opportunity driven is leadership.
As the author points out, the figures on women in leadership is staggering in disparity. The article takes time to focus on identifying and highlighting reasons what makes a successful leader. Having an opportunity to attend a leadership meeting, in which we discussed improving inclusion at my company, this article presented many of the same reasons that as a company we tried to understand, “Why do we not have more women in leadership?” This article really underscores that in order for a business to survive and grow or for that matter, any organization to flourish you need to find individuals that embody the above-mentioned leadership traits not just seniority. Truly, leadership is about traits and behaviors that unite, seeing the big picture,

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