Women Must Be Respected, Loved, And Appreciated

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Daisy Perez
Professor Cavallaro
English 100
30 June 2016
Women in China Women must be respected, loved, and appreciated. Women around the world have been stereotyped and discriminated against because of their gender, but in some countries this issue has been more deeply followed. Women have rights and privileges, but not in many countries, such as China. In China, many women suffer throughout their lives, because of following family traditions and cultures. The role of women in China impacts their lives since they are born and throughout their life. Even though life has improved today for Chinese girls and women, it is a still a struggle to be treated fairly. Traditionally, boys are more valuable for several reasons such as carrying on the family name, and when they get married their wives take care of the parents. For these reasons, girl babies are not valued and suffer discrimination. The situation for girls became even worse when China passed the One-Child Policy in 1979, which made women only have one child, because of the high population China has. It was hard time for a woman to wait throughout her pregnancy to know if the baby was a girl or boy (Daily Life). If the one child was born a girl, the husband would sometimes abandon the wife and go find a woman that could give him a son. If couples had a second baby, they must pay a fee; poor families were not able to that fee and had no other choice of either committing abortion or giving them for adoption. Inside the
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