The Effects of the One-Child Policy in China Essay example

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Would it be fair for the Government to control how many children you have? Is it fair for them to kill your unborn children? Since 1949 under the rule of Mao Zedong, the communist Chinese government had enforced policies that control families and couples in China. The Government has forced the people to have more children at one point and less at another. The One-Child policy in China limits Chinese couples to one child each. The three exceptions to the policy are: Minority ethnic groups, urban single-child residents, and the policy only enforced on the Han Chinese. The one-child policy was a bad idea for China for three reasons: punishments (inequality), unfair treatment of women, and china’s fertility rate was already decreasing …show more content…

Most females are not respected and are heavily pressured by their parents. Many Chinese women are expected to be in arranged marriages and are not respected in their family or the work-place. Woman that aren’t even born yet suffer from infanticide. If the parents came to find that they were having a girl from ultrasound- they would abort that child and try for a boy causing pre-birth ultrasounds to be banned. “Negative social consequences, particularly sex discrimination. With boys being viewed as culturally preferable, the practice of female infanticide was resumed in some areas shortly after the one-child policy took effect.” (Document E) “I hate to say it but the one-child policy should party be blamed for some social issues in youth today.” “She wished she has a brother or sister to share all the attention.” (Document F) This evidence supports the claim that the one-child policy was a bad policy because women have always been culturally no preferable, causing unborn females to be aborted.
The final reason that the one-child policy was a bad idea is because of the fact that China’s fertility rate was already decreasing and was one of the lowest rates compared to Brazil, South Korea, and Thailand in 1979 making the policy pointless and unnecessary. “The claim by the Chinese officials that the one child policy has helped avert over 400 million births simply cannot be substantiated by

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