Women Of The Age Of South Africa

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Women of childbearing age in South Africa have been selected as the target population for a behavior change intervention to prevent mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) of HIV by reducing unintended pregnancies among HIV positive women. As explained in Assignment 1 (A1), this target population has been chosen because these women are directly at risk due to the norms and practices currently in place in South Africa. While engagement of male partners and healthcare workers is necessary to prevent unintended pregnancies among HIV positive women it has been proven that engagement of these additional groups alone is not sufficient.1 In order to construct an intervention with women at the center of the response2, three specific, modifiable, and measurable behaviors to be promoted among South African women of childbearing age were defined in A1: get tested, use protection, and seek out information from a source other than your healthcare provider.
More specifically, the proposed intervention would 1) inform women of the need to get tested regularly, at least once a year, in order to be informed of their HIV status, 2) encourage use of contraception regularly for at least one year, specifically dual protection or mixed method contraception where possible, and 3) foster the seeking out of information about family planning, reproductive services, and HIV from a source other than the woman’s healthcare provider each time they have a question or concern, whether in addition to or…

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