Women Of The New Millennium And Woman Has Made Great Strides Toward The Top

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We are 15 years into the new millennium and woman have made great strides toward the top. Women were known as the primary caregivers and domestic engineers and now we have vastly evolved to become much more than that. From breaking into the workforce to taking over male dominated jobs, we as woman are rising to the top in light speed. Since the beginning of time, there has been a clear-cut distinction between the two sexes, male and female. It wasn’t until the mid-40s that this all started to change for the better. World War II, which closely followed the Depression, marked a turning point in the distribution of economic roles between women and men, although it did not necessarily cause the massive changes that were to follow. Women were attracted to war-related industries and they were given access to the more skilled, higher-paying jobs usually held by men. However, after the war was won in 1945, the labor force did not quickly “return to normal.” Instead, a new sense of what is normal emerged. (Powell & Graves, 2003). During this time, it was not unheard of for women to do housework and take on men’s duties. Women were known to be versatile and adapted well to changing roles. Women were taking hold and embracing the change that was to come. Since the early 1970s, women have made tremendous gains in the business world. In 1991, women composed nearly half of the U.S. workforce. The representation of women in management has also steadily grown over the past two

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