Women Of The Roman Empire

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In the Roman Empire, and in most ancient societies, the role and status of woman has been obscured by the bias of ancient male writers. Just as women are viewed in ancient Greece, and Imperial China, women in the Roman Empire were viewed as inferior to men. In the Roman Empire it was believed that women should be under the control of a guardian, which controls the aspects of her life. This guardian could be her father, husband, or a male relative (Nystrom).
Marriage in the Roman Empire was not romantic, it was often set up by an agreement between two families. Men normally married around their mid-twenties and women married in their teens. As these ages were approaching, the parents would try to find a suitable partner that could improve the family’s social class and wealth. From there, the lives of women varied based on their position in society. Those from a higher class had their daily labor done by slaves, while those without a slave lead a life of leisure. Women without a slave were in charge of raising children and keeping up the house. Women held many important roles when it came to family, and the household in spite of their social status placed below that of men (Cartwright).
The main duty of a women in the Roman Empire was to look after the home, and nurture a family, specifically by bearing a child. The Roman family was typically male dominated, which would be headed but the most senior male figure. It is shown that there is a close dependence of women on their

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