Women Of The United States Armed Forces

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Women are vital to the stability and efficiency of all branches of the United States armed forces. Although women’s presence may be necessary to the operation of the military, their placement in combat positions would prove to be a devastating mistake. The body of a woman is not made to brave combat positions, and placing women into positions dominated by men could create a hostile working environment. The atmosphere of battle is already heated, and placing more problems into the equation could lead to the unraveling of military effectiveness as the country knows it. Consequently, women should continued to be excluded from combat oriented positions in order to preserve the superb work of the United States armed forces. Placing a woman into a field comprised mostly of men would upset a balance of unit cohesion and morale among their male counterparts. Unit cohesion “result[s] from proximity of group members over time; social similarities or commonalities; success at joint tasks; and concerned, competent, honest leaders” (Simons). This means that the individuals that comprise a combat unit must be able to relate to each other, and work together in positive and constructive ways in order to carry out dangerous, high-risk missions. During combat operations, soldiers and their units are confined to small spaces for extended periods of time. The addition of women into this close quartered group would add “romantic and sexual elements that can cause competition, jealousy, and
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