Women Should Not Be A Mandatory Procedure For Chinese Women

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Throughout history, women have tried many different ways to make themselves as beautiful as possible to be accepted into their society. In the eleventh century, Foot Binding seemed to be a mandatory procedure for Chinese Women. It was an excruciating process that women would go through to please their husbands. Foot binding became popular as a means of a flaunting status because women from wealthy families who did not need them to work could afford to have their feet bound The practice became so established that a woman who did not have bound feet would have difficulty finding a husband, for most families they demanded a woman with tiny feet when selecting a wife for their son. The woman who refused to bind her feet was known to become an outcast and even punished to death. “There are a thousand buckets of tears for one who binds her feet and 5,000 more for the one who unbinds.” ( ) Many young girls did it because it was a mark of beauty and Chinese women with the smallest feet were given the best chance of living a luxurious life-style. This time in history was known to have lasted for at least one thousand years. Although, Foot Binding was appreciated by Chinese men, but for women it didn’t seem like something to look forward too. This was an excruciating method of women folding all of her toes, except for the big toe, into the sole of her foot. It was so that her foot appeared smaller and pointier. This tradition began in the north, later spreading to all parts of
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