Women: The Shift In Gender Roles

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Beliefs are instilled in each of us from early childhood; oftentimes, inherited through our upbringing, in relation to a trauma, or simply by repetition (Jemmer, 2006). Because humans are egocentric by nature, they often use self-centered standards to justify their beliefs, assuming that others whose beliefs are different than theirs are inaccurate (Paul & Elder, 2012). When using critical thinking, beliefs should be supported by factual evidence. In years past, women have assumed the roles of caregiver for the family and elders, food preparation, and housekeeping, while men have been the family breadwinner (Kray, Howland, Russell, & Jackman, 2017). For many, the shift in gender roles in modern day society is an adjustment for the family, extended family, friends, and even the individuals themselves (Kray, et al., 2017). Due to changes in modern day society, more women are becoming the family breadwinners, often in male-dominated jobs, and men are assuming the family caregiver roles (Kray, et al., 2017). Promoting gender equality in these changing roles is important for the masculine identity as well as enabling the female to find success in the traditional male-dominated roles (Kray, et al., 2017). Older adults often still view the female as the caregiver and assume that there is either something physically wrong with the male or that he is lazy if he is not the family breadwinner.…show more content…
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