Women 's Influence On Gender Roles

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Throughout the years and years that society has lived out today, men have undoubtedly been glorified and held in high esteem for their accomplishments, character, and influence. Man has become a symbol of power, with masculinity becing associated with positive attributes such as strength, intelligence, and control. Femininity however, has been regarded as weak, superficial, and vacuous. Such an outlook on gender roles has resulted in an unequal power dynamic and an increasing deprecating view of the woman and her capabilities. Under represented in not only the media but also many governing bodies, women have continually been oppressed and subject to constant misogynstic transgreesions, the results of whcih have not only affected their lives and possible opportunies, but also their self worth and the way they see the worth of others.
Miss Representation
The lack of representation and the increasingly offensive misrepresentation of minorities in America is an epidemic. This practice of media mutilation extends to those of different sexulities, race, and finally, gender. Women are often not cast at all, or put in roles that further the male protagonist’s story.Typically they’re romantic interests, villains, or some cases, dead to further the main characters angsty, tragic background. In Of Mice and Men, Curley’s wife plays a major role in the plot. She is involved in the turning point of the story, she is the cog that sets events in motion, the reason for Lennie’s downfall.

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