Women in Ancient Civilizations

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The role of women in different civilizations, even though on different spectrums of the world, had many similarities and only a few differences. Women in these four civilizations: Greece, Egypt, China, and India faced many of the same hardships, struggles, and prejudices. Some of this treatment of women didn't even end until present day (1920's). In some of these civilizations women were able to rise up somewhat in their communities but it didn't come without some kind of interference.
When it came to the rights of these women, they really didn't have any at all. In Greece women were considered to be second class citizens at best. All women were forbidden to own property, inherit their own name, vote, or attend political debate. Men
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Now it is around the age of eighteen for both. The woman and the woman's family must still present dowry to the husband and his family. There were also limited rights in the family back then as there is now. Women in India can go through being burned and abused by their husbands with nothing being done at all (
These women, even though they were very restricted, they were responsible for items when it came to home and family. Out of all of the
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