Women in Hamlet Essay

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Jake Borgschulte
Mr.Sargent Period C
Women in Hamlet The women in Hamlet are portrayed as either trophies, such as Gertrude as Claudius’ trophy for taking the throne, or as scapegoats for the males to scorn when they feel they have been disrespected or wronged. Hamlet attacks both Ophilia and Gertrude throughout the play whenever he becomes enraged over his father’s death. Hamlets madness and insecurity cause him to attack the two people who care for him most. His mentality is that if he is not happy, no one deserves to be happy until his needs are met, and in this case he needs to avenge his father’s death and protect his mothers’ sexuality Hamlets overly obsessive behavior towards his mother’s sexuality is very prevalent
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Gertrude is probably around the age of thirty five or forty since many women had children young since the life expectancy was much lower than it is today. This life expectancy plays a large role in why Hamlet is so disgusted by his mother’s incestuous ways. He sees her as an old woman who shouldn’t want sexual relations at her age, which in reality is untrue of women who are her age. He makes Gertrude feel guilty for having these feelings and that begins her second guessing over her marriage and her husband’s sudden death. This estranged relationship between Hamlet and his mother only worsens his relationship with Ophilia. As the play progresses, she is utterly confused on Hamlets mad ways and does not understand why he is treating her in such a disrespectful manner. This uncharacteristic behavior towards a woman he once loved can be a result of his failing relationship with his mother and the unwillingness to trust anyone close to him since his father’s death. Though Hamlet has seem gone mad, he seems to still love Ophilia and truly care about her. He tells her to join a nunnery because he believes no man, besides himself, is good enough for her, just like he believes no one is good enough for his mother. also, Hamlet would not have been so crushed by her death if he had not loved her and he proclaims his love for Ophilia and believes that not even “Forty thousand brothers Could not with all
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