Women 's Choices Are Being Taken From Them

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Katherine Shuberg
Period 3
In today’s society women’s choices are being taken from them. Abortion is one of the largest controversial topics in today’s society. Women’s choices are being decided by Pro-lifers, Pro-choicer, and the undecided like me. This creates a lucrative business for companies looking for easy victims or clients to manipulate. These companies leave their victims or clients depressed, stressed, and confused on which sort of decision to make. People in government make these choices even harder.
Minnesota has laws on abortion. Minnesota believes that woman should make a well informed decision on whether or not to have an abortion performed. Minnesota law statute states “It is the woman’s right to know”. These statutes also go on to explain that the woman if she is having an abortion that a doctor should be on call and on site of an abortion in case the abortion is a live birth. These statutes also say that if it is after twelve weeks an abortion has to be performed in clinic or a hospital. There is also a statute that a parent must be informed and give consent for a minor to have an abortion. A minor can circumvent that clause by going to a judge and having him order the doctor to perform an abortion without parent consent the other loop hole is if the minor wanting an abortion is emancipated. After an abortion is performed the fetus should be cremated, interred, or by whichever the health commissioner decides.
There are multiple ways to have an
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