Women 's Impact On Women

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Through histories progression in the 1970’s, women have had very limited chances, if any, through time towards their Intelligence worth and educations claim. Adrienne Rich’s delivered speech in 1977 at the assembly of Douglas College Entitled “Claiming an Education” aggressively approached towards female students by urging them to change their mindset, breaking free off taboo, sexist stereotypes, and the feminine inferiority mindset, even though her speech was geared towards women, any gender, especially forms of students could learn from her speech. Women’s education failures to shape their own lives and sacrificing college time towards the transformation of their future, should be overcome by challenging and overcoming the subjective dominant man in Society by accepting responsibility and accountability by taking the 2 sided contract seriously, claiming an education rather receiving one and gearing themselves being taken seriously.

The unwritten contract that Rich expresses must be reviewed over and over again in measures of overcoming depersonalizing and cheapening pressures of women’s place in the academic strata.
Women seem to have been erased from the curriculum and replaced by the dominant male who write texts we read, the lectures we hear and the way our studies are categorized into the categories that they are in. Rich’s research findings of women not being promoted into higher levels of faculty and administration, overlook women’s education intrusion as we still

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