Women 's Influence On Women Essay

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Women role in a society had always been a changing since prehistoric times so it could not be defined accurately. However there always has been a stereotype male figure in the society which nearly has not altered since the very first . Besides the women role also differed between religions and civilisations, for instance in early native American Tribes women were something deified , this however shifted and women no longer thought to be superior ,and quiet opposite they were considered to be inferior.
Women are suffering poor self esteem because of advertising campaigns which use air brushing techniques to portray "unattainable perfection ". Images of models which have been digitally altered are causing more than two - third of women to suffer low confidence about their bodies.
Gender equality refers to that men and women should be treated equally and should not be discriminated against caste, colour, religion and gender. People have defined gender equality in terms of women 's right and economic development. Gender inequality is the major problem in india from the earliest century and in many other countries.
Maternal mortality is a major problem in many parts of the world. Gender inequality results in women being affected by poverty, low-wage jobs, discrimination and exploitation. Equal rights for women in marriage, divorce and property/land ownership and inheritance are essential for gender discrimination. Mistreatment and violence of women after

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