Women 's Influence On Women

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It doesn’t matter what gender you are, men and women should be treated equally. Well, sadly that has never been the case. For example, if we look at history on women sports, we can see that women had to come a long way until they could play some type of sport. However, there are still some customs around the world, which constantly shows that men are superior than women. Women in India fast once in a year all day long without eating and drinking, so that they their husbands can live long and happy life. But how come men don’t have to fast once a year, so they can pray for their wives’s long life? In mostly uneducated areas of middle east, when a girl is born, she is either or killed or there is no celebration of her birth even if she is the first child. However, when a boy is a born, people give a big celebration to show how happy they are and how he will carry on their family traditions. But why baby girls is not celebrated and loved the same way as her baby brother? All these questions just proof that your gender makes a huge difference and emphasize the idea of men’s double standards. In this book, Jessica Valenti really beautifully portrayed the gender inequality. This book was quiet interesting to read and left me in thoughts. Three double standards that really stood out to me were “he can a beast, she must be a beauty; he’s gonna be a success, she’s gonna be stay-at-home mom; he’s himself, she’s Mrs. himself.” Firstly, when I read “he can be a beast, she must be a

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