Women 's Rights During The 19th Amendment

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right to vote when the 19th amendment got ratified in the year 1920. Before the 19th amendment, only 4 states gave women the right to vote. The western states gave women the right to vote so that more people could come to their states. The women suffrage was run by strong women. Two of the women were Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady. The women got the right to vote because they have been fighting for their rights since 1775, women were striking for their rights at their job to so that they can be equal as men, the women’s right convention that opened the new possibility for women, and the 4 states that gave women rights before the 19th amendment. Women have been fighting for their right to vote ever since 1775. They have …show more content…

It was a turning point in women’s activism.” Even though their strike ended, they still got their demands. They were getting acknowledged by getting their demands met. Even though they were not acknowledged in the union the strike changed the way that women were getting paid and their working conditions. Another reason why women got acknowledged and got their right to vote was because of the Women Conference. “It wasn’t until 1848 that the issue of women’s rights was forced into the open, thanks to the Women’s Rights Convention” The women’s right convention made sure that the men would not be able to look away from what they have always wanted. The Women’s right convention is viewed as the beginning of the fight for the women’s right. The Conference was the turning point in the fight for equality in women’s right to vote, work, etc. Two of the many women that led the movement Were Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady. “Anthony’s decades of crusading—including casting a ballot in the presidential election of 1872, which led to her arrest and trial—made her a hero of the fight for equal rights for women in America.” This was also a turning point because one of the women who led the movement of women’s right to vote took it into her own hands and went to vote. It showed that women were not backing down and that they wanted/deserved the right to vote.

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