Women 's Rights Of Women Essay

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Women’s rights have slowly changed throughout history so that women are on a more equal status with men. Many people know that women certainly did not have as many rights as we do now, in Ancient Greece, however in Athens, women were on even lower position than women even in the same general area. These unequal rights bled into women’s daily life, religion, politics, and law and ultimately made them slaves to their states and chained to their homes . Women in Athens were relegated to the role of marrying and then producing good, strong, Athenian boys. Because of this, women were not given any sort of formal education; they were thought general household knowledge by their mothers and would, in turn, teach the same things to their daughters, if they had them. However, many scholars believe that female infanticide, or exposure, was common in Ancient Athens . There has even been evidence uncovered that within the Brauron temple of Artemis, there was more statues of boys, indicating that there was a higher preference to have boy children . This, therefore, gives partial evidence that women in Athens were not as highly regarded or wanted as children. If the female child survived, she would marry once she reached her menarche, at around the age of fourteen. Her husband would be almost nearly double her age, but this was because men participated in military service before marriage and women had a certain amount of time to bear children, since she had a short life expectancy .
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