Women 's Struggle For Women By Susan B. Anthony, Sarah And Angelina Grimke, And Lucy Stone

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Throughout history, women have struggled to show their value juxtaposed to men. Women are often downgraded economically, politically and socially just because they are female’s. The struggle between women in the 1800s is similar to the struggle women have now. Equal rights for women are still being campaigned now as much as it was during the 1800s (Richard Chused). The connotation of feminism has been created to be a negative word .Just like people believe women should be equal to men, many others believe otherwise. Susan B. Anthony, Sarah and Angelina Grimke, and Lucy Stone are only a few of the many woman rights activist during the 1800s. Well know celebrities also help promote feminist movements like Beyonce with her song "Flawless,” Amber Rose and her "Slut Walk” and even the well-educated and activist Malala Yousafzai. Many of these women helped the growing society have a better understanding of the inequality women face on a daily bases by forming alliances and supporting each other to fight for equality similarly to the first Seneca Fall Convention, which was formed in 1848 and many organizations formed today like The Institute for Women Policy Research and The National Organization for Women, has helped developed the fight for equality. During the 19th century the only responsibilities women had was to take care of the family and their households." In 1800s America, women were almost always constrained to work in the home, rearing children, cooking,
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