Women's Brains By Stephen Jay Gould Summary

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Stephen Jay Gould analyses Paul Broca’s data of inferior women to superior men through the study of Craniometry in his piece, Women’s Brains. While Broca claims women are unintelligent when compared to men through thorough measurement of the brain; Gould realizes the accusations are false due to their combination of science to social correlation and beliefs. Gould argues that women are not inferior; they are only baring the brunt of unfair scientific research conducted to prove society beliefs. Even the most reliable scientific data and research is not valid within the study of social norms and accepted society stereotypes.
The accuracy of scientific data collection in relation to social ideas sex, or race is an inevitably unreliable system. …show more content…

If the two people in questions are not exactly the same in terms of weight and height, a generalized statement that, because one of the individuals has is male and has a larger brain, their whole social group is smarter than the opposing individual’s is not accurate; because the social group variable in not being isolated as unequal factors such as height and weight are contributing to differences in brain size also. Although the answer may appear to be to only compare others of the same height and weight, Gould goes on to explain the complete inaccuracy of science compared to social beliefs of intelligence even further. “Height is partly adequate, but men and women of the same height do not share the same body build. Weight is even worse than height, because most of its variation reflects nutrition rather than intrinsic size-” (Gould 10) is one quote from Gould who supports the complete inaccuracy of measurement. Even when comparing two people of the same weight and height, their body types remain different from each other. Therefore, the idea that someone can assess the physical traits of comparable people to prove social ideas is narrower and more accurate than before, these measurements do not prove that everything is the same on each person’s body; and ultimately, someone cannot accurately make a generalized claim about the two people regarding their …show more content…

As groups continue to use science against one another, stereotypes are taking over the world and creating negativity within society. As women are being told they are not smart, African Americans are being told they are unequal, and Muslims are being told they are all terroristic by nature based on the science that claims their inferiority and stereotypes; peace cannot prevail and war cannot contain. Scientific research and social correlations are not viewable through the same ideas, or else stereotypes continue to rampage on claiming proof through science; and ultimately groups will continue to prove their stereotypes wrong through violent and hysteric means. Inaccurate scientific research is encouraging the social beliefs of the inferiority of certain groups, and creating an unjust and socially biased

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