Women's Desire to be Happy in The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer

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The Question still remains even today about what do women most desire to be happy in life? In the Canterbury tales, written by Chaucer in the fourteenth century, the wife of bath talks about women and what is most important to them to make them happy. In the prologue of wife of baths describes the audience about her experience with men and marriages from the wife, Allison’s past. As the writer Chaucer starts to describe Allison in the very long exhausting prologue, the very first word from the prologue is “Experience”. It makes it clear to the audience that this story and prologue will be mostly focused on someone with experience in life, marriage and chances to be happy. Allison’s experience with sex within her five marriages as mentioned in line six of her prologue allows her to gain control over her many husbands and uses the tale to carry out the opinion that she has on women being dominion in marriage. Being dominion is what will please a woman more than sex, money, wealth or anything else that may be for the matter. With her past of being married five times she has had many people criticize her saying that in all the marriages she has had which husband has you. The virginity is lost long ago and so are you with it. She claims in line 26 of the prologue that even though the virginity is the most important someone has to be procreating to create new virgins. What is wrong in being with five husbands if men are allowed to be with multiple women at the same time why

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