Women's Right Movement 1970's

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Women's Right Movement 1970'S The Women's Right Movement has been a long enduring battle, which started in 1848 and is still something we are fighting for. Woman Rights in the 1970's wasn't the first wave of feminism which focused on suffrage;this wave was mostly focused on equal opportunity. This movement helped gain the ERA amendment which allowed women equal payment in working fields. This was extremely important because although women were already working and have always worked they weren't given enough credit. This Movement began in the early 1970's ,but feminism was a problem even after they gained the suffrage right .This movement was mostly focused on giving women equal pay as men. During this time women would get paid only 63 percent of what a man made. Feminists who were involved were mainly of middle class members predominantly white. This became in issue that not only upset the poor ,but Women of color as well because they felt the NOW was only looking out for white feminists and they felt they wouldn’t represent their problems well . This was a worldwide movement, Despite the fact that not many women in other countries gained the same opportunities as we did . Feminists during this period of time not only focused on the economic, but also the social and political part to be as equal to men. Women were working before this time,but they wouldn't be paid as much as me .

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