Women's Sex Trade For Women

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Thai women are not always lured into the sex trade for reasons that are associated with force or kidnappings. Thai women look at the potential that the sex industry could provide; women seek for the potential to make enough money to support their families and expunge their debts. It is therefore an appealing occupation where women can make a median monthly income from sex work ranging from 5,825 to 7,950 baht. By this, it is important to compare a typical Thai salary of a decent occupation such as a chef or construction worker, in which earnings are around 6,000 baht per month. In many cases, “women might end up as prostitutes because their parents had to sell them into slavery or because their impoverished husbands might so use them. By the middle of the second millennium B.C., prostitution was well established as a likely occupation for the daughters of the poor” (atd. In Parrot and Cummings 6). The women who are targeted as best candidates for the illicit trade are driven by the need for work. Victims seek occupations and fall in the hands of recruiters who sell them lies, and or at times the parties force them to become a personal slave. For example, victims like Rei from Thailand knew that she would have to be a prostitute in terms of an appealing salary. Rei grew up in southern Thailand and had a hard time obtaining a job after completing twelfth grade. She heard many women who were going to work in Japan; she also knew of agents in her neighborhood that could
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