Won Buddhism Temple's Website

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Reading through the Won Buddhist Temple’s website and the Wikipedia article was very interesting and informative. I was curious to learn about what exactly Won Buddhism is and how it differs from the other forms of Buddhism that we are learning about. I learned that it is a form of Buddhism that seeks to make Enlightenment attainable for all and that the teachings are meant to me “relevant and suitable to contemporary society”. In Won Buddhism the practices are simplified so that all people, regardless of wealth, occupation, or external living conditions, are able to practice Buddhism and achieve nirvana. I learned that a central difference of Won Buddhism is that it simplifies the teachings and practices so they are easily understandable and applicable; it also practices that are considered “outdated, confusing, or unnecessary are removed”. I also found it striking the Won is “a compound word for truth, enlightenment, and teaching” in that in Korean “Won means circle and symbolizes the ultimate truth, Bul means…show more content…
I especially get this impression from the question and answer section of the website where it said that “Won-Buddhism is a warm and low-key Buddhist tradition”. I also think that the temple will be a very relaxed and open place in that on the website it says that they focus on promoting a “practical path for cultivating calmness and a caring spirituality”. In order to have the most beneficial experience as possible for this site visit, I am trying to remain as open minded as possible about the experience. At this point I do not have any questions or topics of concern for this site visit, but am interested to see how this meditation session will compare to the meditation session that I participated in at the Nichiren Shoshu Myosenji Buddhist Temple during my site visit last
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