Wonder By R J Palacio Essay

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The author of the book I read is R.J. Palacio. Wonder was the first book she had written. Since Wonder she has written a book series that follows along with the story Wonder. Wonder is a fiction book and is a good children's book because it talks about bullying. The story ties into to the cover of the book because maybe Auggie, the boy in the story, wants to know what it feels like to be normal. Auggie is the main character in the this story. Auggie is a ten year old boy who is going to school for the first time. He has a face deformity, which causes people to stare at him. His face deformity leads to kids at his school to be mean and bully him. Auggie has one older sister named Via who is in high school. Auggie’s mom and dad both support him and try to make him feel normal.…show more content…
He was very nervous when he went to his new school. He did not want people to stare at him or make fun of him. After he started school he began to make several friends. One of his friends names was Summer. She would eat lunch with Auggie everyday She would get made fun of because she hung out with Auggie. They called Auggie a freak! Jack wanted to be Auggie’s friend but he worried that he would be made fun of by his other friends. Jack would be nice to Auggie when no one was around but would act different when his other friends were around him. Julian was the kid who bullied Auggie because of the way he looked. Julian would make fun of Auggie in front of his class. He would tell everyone that he looked like a character off of Star Wars because his face was deformed. Julian and Jack made a joke about Auggie on Halloween and did not realize that Auggie was there in a different costume than they had thought. Auggie had heard everything and was sad so he went to the nurse and went home. Auggie did not want to come back to school every again because he was being
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