Wonder Is An Aesthetic Experience

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Wonder is an aesthetic emotion. Aesthetic emotions are emotions that are felt during aesthetic activity or appreciation.
These emotions may be of the everyday variety (such as fear, wonder or sympathy) or may be specific to aesthetic contexts.
The emotion usually constitutes only a part of the overall aesthetic experience, but may play a more or less definitive function for that state.
2.2.1. Aesthetic Experiences

Aesthetic experience is an exceptional state of mind that is qualitatively distinct from the ordinary everyday experiences. There is a distinct difference between aesthetic situations and everyday situations, as well as objects of aesthetic experience and objects of everyday use. (Markoviä, 2012) In an aesthetic experience, there is a psychological process wherein certain focus is given on a specific object wherein other objects, events, and concerns are subdued. (Cupchik and Winston, 1996) An aesthetic experience strongly engages the subject's mind, particularly with the object of interest, with a unique kind of subject-object relationship, suppressing all other surrounding events and objects. (Ognjenovi´c, 1997) A defining feature of aesthetic experience is that it …show more content…

(Wickman, 2006) A study has shown that architectural experiences are reviewed as an aesthetic experience due to its layered complexity. The aesthetic experience is always multi-dimensional. Aesthetic experiences are important opportunities for understanding the complex and often ambiguous world in which we live. It can be examined as an embodied or encapsulated experience. Priori experiences color the perception of the aesthetic experience. It is observed that variables of "forms, scale, decor, ruins, music, sounds, scents, qualities of light, gestures, connections with history or literature known to the speaker" greatly affect the aesthetic experience. (Duke,

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