Word Equation: Cellulose

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Word Equation: cellulose + oxygen → carbon dioxide + water
Chemical Formula: (C 6 H 10 O 5 ) n + 6 O₂ → 6 CO₂ + 5 H₂O
In a campfire, the fuel is wood, a complex natural material made up of many types of molecules, but the main molecule in wood is cellulose with the content of 40-50%. Cellulose molecules break down into carbon dioxide and water. These cellulose molecules are linked to each other through an oxygen atom. The fire will catch alight when the wood is heated enough so that some cellulose molecules break away from their oxygen links. In the heated air above the wood, the unstable molecules react with oxygen molecules nearby. Finally, the atoms in the cellulose and the oxygen gas recombine into carbon dioxide and water molecules. There

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