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Well when I become and singer and I create my own album I would have Beyoncé and Ashanti. Beyoncé would be singing de JA vu. I picked that song because I used to dance to that song all the time when I was younger. Then I pick Ashanti because I just love her voice she sings so good especially in the song called mother. I also pick aalya to be on my album if she was alive because all her life she made really good songs like try again that’s a good song I used to dance to. I also like Kelly Rowland she created motivation so motivated me to dance I was killing it also I was feeling the song. They will be performing on just a couple but the name of the songs will be‘’ reach, killing me, teach me, ABC, live life, crack no good, real talk, no …show more content…

Kelendria Trene "Kelly" Rowland (born February 11, 1981) is an American recording artist, songwriter, dancer, actress and television personality. Born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised in Houston, Texas, Rowland rose to fame as a founding member of Destiny's Child, who have sold 50 million records worldwide, making them one of the world's best-selling girl groups.[3] As of November 2012, Rowland, as a solo artist, has sold over 24 million records

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