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Words That Have Shaped Me

Often I sit at the computer, or with a pen and paper, and I think about what I should write. I reflect on my experiences with life, or with my feelings and emotions. If the subject that I write about is coming from my heart, I could write forever, opposed to something that I do not have interest in like the mating habits of fireflies. I don’t care about how, when, and much less why they procreate. I would always dread having to write a paper for my English class, and it was not until I discovered my own love for poetry that I began to enjoy writing. It was my junior English teacher in San Diego, Howard Estes. He allowed me to open my mind to not only the academic perspective of literature, but also to my …show more content…

They don’t happen in a meeting or two. It’s a package deal, Friendship, only as valuable as what you put in it. Judging something like that after one year, even if you’ve got all the facts, that’s like looking for the final score before you’ve seen the second inning.” Over time, through the difficulties we had endured together; we had grown closer than ever. That is how I know that my friends really mean the world to me. Through the pain of mistrust, and lies, we became better friends than we had ever been. It is better to have one or two best friends than hundreds of acquaintances. It was not until I had to move away to Phoenix in my junior year that we realized what we meant to each other. The word “Best” found its way into our vocabulary and stuck to our title as friends. It seems foolish to me when after a month of friendship people call themselves “Best Friends.” The “Best Friend” title has to be earned through time, effort, and pain. I am proud to say that I have earned that title with two people, and I honestly do not think I could get through life’s difficulties without them.

As a child my peers judged me harshly, and I know for a fact that that is the reason I sometimes let other people’s opinions affect the way I do things. Because I was so used to being a follower as a child, as an adult, I have a hard time taking the reins in my own hands and assuming control. As a result of my childhood, a quote that I try my best to live my life by is,

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