Ana Hober. Ms. Rangel. Ap English Language, Period 5. 9

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Ana Hober
Ms. Rangel
AP English Language, Period 5
9 January 2017

An Ounce of Creativity December 14th, 2016, 1:24 pm. Pacific Standard Time. A teacher addresses her flannel-clad class on their final essay. “If you have passion about it, do it,” she says.
As I stand before you all today, I must admit that I feel hilariously underprepared for this free-form, passion-driven task. Contrary to what some might think, in any situation in which one is given freedom to do whatever it is they wish to do, it can feel impossible to attain a solid foundation to even begin. Coming up with something original and brilliant does not just happen overnight, of course. It took the Founding Fathers 116 days to write the US Constitution. It took Thomas
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All of these things - diction, details, language, syntax - must be woven seamlessly together to create a sound essay. That is hard work, hard work that I did not want to do. I love writing, but I struggled more than I thought I would and feared that my lack of creativity would write the essay instead of granting me control. But before I could take control of actually writing, I needed to decide what to write about.
Reflecting on my life as a means of deciding on a topic, one time period struck me as particularly important in terms of writing itself: my second year of second grade. Moving to Poway in 2007, the first class I was in was Mrs. Ramin’s 2-3 combo at Painted Rock. I had purple wire-rim glasses, a brown Hello Kitty tracksuit, two friends, and a hatred of writing. This was particularly unfortunate for young Analise, since Mrs. Ramin’s main focus was writing. She encouraged her students to write daily, setting aside 20-60 minutes each day for it. Although I hated it at first, my passion for creative writing grew as I turned my love for my sister and for Webkinz into tales of adventure and peril parallel to my then favorite series, Magic Tree House. I wrote, drew, and colored whatever my seven-year-old imagination spun for me. After that spark, the fire of writing died down to a smolder until eighth grade, when I wrote my first successful essay, “Flowers for Algernon: A Comparative Essay On How Two Versions of the Story are like
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